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New research now shows that the humble nematode worm adapts much better to spaceflight.

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This species was chosen because it was the first multicellular life form to have its full genetic structure mapped. Afterwards, researchers found the astronaut worms hány férgek mennek ki less pinworm hermaphrodit vagy proteins in their muscles than if they had stayed on Earth, according to results published in the journal Nature Scientific Reports recently.

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All in the genes The scientists were intrigued and further investigation revealed that seven genes were less active in space. Living on the Space Station was preventing certain genes from functioning normally.

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Elegans Surprisingly, the worms seemed to function better without them. What would happen if the same genes were turned off in a laboratory? The researchers found that worms raised without the seven genes also lived longer and healthier.

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The results from this study suggest that muscles are adapting rather than reacting involuntarily to space conditions.

It may also be that spaceflight slows the process of ageing.

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Soyuz landing André finished his second mission to the International Space Station on 1 July landing in the Kazakh steppe. This mission carried more worms for follow-up study, but this time the astronaut himself was investigated as well.

After six months in pinworm hermaphrodit vagy, scientists are eager to see how his muscles have reacted to spaceflight.

Unlike the worms André took with him, the astronaut is being allowed a few weeks to recuperate from his tiring space travel before scientists put his muscles under the microscope.

pinworm hermaphrodit vagy

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